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All applications for the registration of a trademark in the United States through Trademarkia are managed by licensed U.S. trademark attorneys at the firm of LegalForce RAPC Worldwide in Mountain View, California (www.legalforcelaw.com) after a successful conflict check performed to best protect your interests.

LegalForce RAPC Worldwide represents over 21,500 individuals, small businesses, and multinational corporations.


U.S. Trademark Registration Services

Standard Package - Trademark Registration Services

$159+ government fee

Plus Package - Trademark Registration Services

  • Includes everything in the Standard package plus:
  • One year of trademark notice monitoring (a $175 value)
  • Cease and desist letter forms package
  • Form of Transfer Agreement
  • Trademark Package Pricing Details
$339+ government fee

Trademark Gold - Comprehensive package

  • Attorney will discuss options and strategy with you and fully manage your case.
  • Priority processing of your search and application
  • PDF of your trademark application materials
  • Trademark Package Pricing Details
$499+ government fee